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Shrimp Gold

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Shrimp Gold


▶ Being loved the most since the initial release in year 2005
▶ Has rich seafood taste with plenty of chubby shrimp toppings
▶ As the star menu in Mr.Pizza, it was born to target core customers of Mr.Pizza, 20’s and 30’s female, with complete analysis of their Needs and Wants to have a pizza having fresh and plump seafood toppings
▶ Has an unique solution to be popular with rich toppings of chubby shrimps
▶ Uses only specific size of shrimp in fresh and plump


MPK Group is a KOSDAQ-listed restaurant company in Korea that owns and franchises Mr.Pizza and Manoffin locations.
After Mr.Pizza opened its first location near Ewha Womans University in 1990, it launched a series of marketing campaigns targeting female customers throughout the mid-2000s. Thanks to the successful campaigns coupled with the 300% Principle, Mr.Pizza became No. 1 pizza chain in Korea, beating its major global competitors.

The company expanded its business in 2008 with the launch of coffee and muffin café Manoffin and became the first pizza restaurant to be listed on KOSDAQ in the following year. In 2012, Mr.Pizza was changed to MPK Group, short for Mr.Pizza Korea Group and started looking to overseas markets for opportunities. The first overseas Mr.Pizza restaurant opened in Beijing, China in 2000. In 2007, it eventually entered the U.S., the world’s largest pizza market. MPK Group currently operates nearly 600 Mr.Pizza and Manoffin locations home and abroad.